Recovery or run for cover

Recovery or run for cover

With January slipping away from us, we now set into the what looks like a path of roads on a unknown path , words of ” Hibernate” circle the derelict city streets as trade is non complexing to the spread sheets of the best of accounts, in some states and countries restaurants remain closed and help filled through checks, grants and savings. So can still go to Lanzarote for a holiday and property price head north in the countryside, with pub company’s in the uk head out to sniff the markets as a sign of the times! could this save the rural pubs of the uk and Ireland ?

Firstly, many can look back when they first ever set there feet into a hospitality establishment and get that passion back to steal the wind to guide the sale into storm, its going to be hard and many are taking the checks into the bank with the plans of never opening the doors again and run for cover that’s not the industry blood line, we must try in which and what ever way to feel the passion to deliver hospitality and this will save many a waterhole, shack, diner or event space. the time for recovery starts now and working thought tough times make a business and people better,

Its great to see recruitment gathering momentum and positively will follow, the tyre company’s handing out and taking away macrons to the restaurants is a Sign that normal practice resumes from Hong Kong to London I feel the pilot light is on.

what next ? well a number of positive steps with the change in power in the us, the influx of money into the economy will help many around the world but more working for Britain and the way its been handled which would benefit from a little left leaning politics soon! Keep getting the feet out of bed each morning is always a great start

invest in people now, keep things above board and you will soon be in more calmer waters

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