Will the next wave come crashing down?

Will the next wave come crashing down?

As dates loom for reopening fully, what brings the next wave and when will it stop? When we get told you can not do that we want, we do it even more, with Londons packed restaurants stuggling to keep up with demand, Some US restaurants not opening because there is no staff at all, is this the biggest false sense of security?

During the great retreat by mostly the younger generation to there parents and with out this workforce, the hospitality will carry the burden, in a report from Forbes 75 % of people reach burn out from work

With this rate so high now what does it look like down the line, for many the idea of paying furlough to the staff was the right thing to do morally but for cashflow purposes now “important to note that many can not reopen”, one year of paying tax on 100 employee furlough would rely a bill of $300,000 that in turn is about 1.8 million in turn over just to pay that bill (worth noting staff leaving once furlough was over) of course most companies need to protect what they have, now the result of slim teams over worked other than the Industry falls into burn out,

Naturally businesses that had large turn over, want it back to recoup the lost and pay some bills but it’s time I think for the long game, slowly eat at the debt but stability at the fountain. After the tide left, you seen that many where swimming with no pants on! We all look at others as the issue or answer but now its time to find the answer ourself. that wave is coming! do not let it crash down and get your pants on .

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