A Budget of the Ages

A Budget of the Ages

As the UK get ready to deliver a budget of the ages, what road are we going down? There is of course many restaurant groups will go to the wall and some will grow, The young dynamic age will show the new age ,

For people getting ready to build a life in the hospitality others hanging up the aprons and closing the back doors of the bakery for the last time, will there be a pension ?

Are we going to pay Peter to feed Paul and where’s the money coming from? No such thing as free money, for the next 20 years we will be paying for this furlough payments, grants and loans via tax many on the pay slips off the base pay of the workers which have been looked on as the easy fix.

A fourth lockdown would be definitely something that would be a storm no-one wants as vaccines roll out around the world the hope of travel international by Christmas looks imaginable we may be on the other side of a new world but looking very much into our receipt will change the way we spent, travel tax will go through the roof, the bill on your local Resturant, electric bill what will what you to go solar which it my not be a bad thing but wanting to put min wage in the states to 15 dollars as a flat rate seems crazy and could we see this a trend through out the uk and euro Country nothing is going to be cheap anymore, raise the wage but tax them more

Is this false economy? So 50% of the people in the states are living paycheck to paycheck to be honest I think most people where doing this around the world this was pre covid , Maybe we need to change the spending patterns and this I think is what many have to watch when planning menus and price points

Just do not pay Paul to feed Peter………

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