You will get your days off ?

You will get your days off ?

How far is people willing to go ? And has this time off made us also more weary of the idea of people taking advantage of a persons venerable state?

Everyone has there point of no return, even more so now with mental and physical health at the fronts of the agenda, I believe its back fire time for the big culprits, I use to use the line many times when people leave there jobs “no one remembers your first day but always your last” this is true and the unknown of the future many companies all dealing with the pandemic different, financial along with shareholder responsible but when the swing comes back its then you realize the errors in the ways, no single person forgets how you make them feel, this is lasting and unhealing but if you done the likes before this current climate I believe it will come around again, the employee always remembers there last day also, dealing with people is with out doubt the hardest thing to do in any business if its the consumer or employee but if your not clear and honest its a doom state.

Listening and talking to many people the way some companies are dealing with team management at three star Michelin level experience and five star hotel level units are some positive and and some not so but you still here the same lines “that’s all they know ” well the time has come when that’s not good enough , the though of getting employees to work positively without fear, bulling, been over worked it has come to the end along time ago if you do not adapted you become stagnate, repeat this over a period of time here lies the issue but we all had the time to sort it out right!

Think when you let someone know they are going to get there days off? How crazy does that sound in an interview or we pay well same as everyone else that’s when you just become just like everyone else

Yes that’s what happens when you employee some one you pay them!

The ability to think outside the box is not for everyone, relay this onto your business with questions of why so much less profit margin ? This is the end goal right? I will let you answer that

Aidan Mc Gee

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