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Recruitment! Where next?

Many Cliches have been written on the importance of recruitment in any business, but where next for the process and what can we expect moving forward is a difficult thing to predict,

I am sure many Recruitment agents out there have cut back like many business to make cuts to keep the head above water, many city offices closed now, we have maybe looking at virtual meetings for candidates and clients with I am not sure how many we will see paying out large fees to damage the bottom line, so where next?

The days of mass filtering through cvs on a desk is for sure come to an end or subscripting to a database to get engulfed with cryptic clues to there experience or character, but the technology side maybe the answer for the for the middle to low level jobs via apps but will the quality be there as Britain enters the tunnel of Brexit, with signals to sponsorship on the the pathway this process loom even more tricker and evermore important, where have all the workers gone?

I for one believe recruitment is the very foundation for any business and with out a sole driver in the seat to get the best talent in the door to build you business back up maybe this it the restart many businesses need, the bubble in many big cities I think was going to blow anyway as the projection on peoples careers and speed was untenable,

In-house requirements for the job in hand Is one thing but not having a plan is subdue, the change of employing for people to just do a job is not good enough and many employers may have found out this the hard way as they switch of the office lights and get a reality check on the floors of there business, underneath this restart will anything change? Always the same story with in advance of bidding the end goal of profit over productively and the investment is really a lifeless vision that no-one else sees other that the dreamer, to have Recrutment at the front of your mind for the business from a company is and always should be top of the list, Like many times in history all will come back to normality, there will be jobs out there and the skillset will not match what is needed and all around you will hear the same old lines ,Recruitment agents are a ripoff ! They call up my employees a year later asking if they want another role just to make his cut! That chef you sent me can not chop an onion! There always late, they look tired back in my day I was never like that, the responsibility lies with both the Recrutment sector and employers to get a which ever possible employee the have in a position that is right for them the employee with out the procurement of labour more of vision and not working together for a better future is a journey lest forgotten

The tide has turn I think and now we face a future with the hope people look at the process and ask the question was it me or them A question I asked myself many a time………….

Aidan mc Gee

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Dining out in Covid

An observing   Irish Chef in Boston  Been asked after 13 years in the depth of the hospitality industry in London, what’s Boston like for food? As I have a little time on my hands Boston comes my new resting place for the moment, like London you can see the effect of this virus has had on […]

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