Is sourdough the new yoga?

Is sourdough the new yoga?

Well 2021 has just started and with a bang , Washington stormed by a bunch of sheep from a Shepard who’s flock is angry, feeling in justice, washed with lies and what much more from the Government, lets be pleased that they now know what most of America has been feeling for a very long time, we just need to throw the toys back in to the pram and move on, I can only imagine if this happened in the Summer with the B.L.M protest what we would be in a different place, there is a pandemic, an unemployment figures that hitting a figures what no one wants to see, and the large cities seeing record levels of the workforce leaving to go home.

Whats on the horizon? Food trends for the year ahead will for sure be going into the healthy columns, low this! high that, seeds and seaweeds ,sourdough and soybeans , but comfort must be on the list, that food that in riches the soul , good for the mind and for the body, in seems that climate will also fall into this, with importing in the largely populated areas such as eating mangos 🥭 in December , wondering why the avocado 🥑 is not ripe in January, and where can I get my locally grown soybean in my village, trends are dangerously going the wrong way and to be trendy comes at a price not only on the pocket, local economy, climate and needs to take a change. its been like that for years but in the for of white picket fences and two cars etc.

One of the many things and I know most people are feed up with hearing about sourdough but I think its a great idea and products that are simple to get great for the digestion, free from msg and as local as your own kitchen, homeschooling one o one and relax the mind as close to yoga you will get in cookery, this is the way forward for the education of eating and drinking.

A Basic product local sourced where possible turned into a simple delicious cost effective meal. If we apply the simplest of tasks with basic education things can look and take a new direction, seeing the uk handing out the food packages to families indeed was a the very simplest of tasks been done with the lack of education on the government of whats it like to feed a family on basic things like feeding your family its sad but is this where the uk are on food a lot of countries are here on this and the educational ignorance of a Government that are in the same field as the Sheep of capitol hill! any way here’s a recipe for my sourdough enjoy @mcgeeaidan

Sourdough Recipe 

Day one 

1. 250 Grams of bread flour 

2. 250 ml of water 

Mix together and leave for  24 hours in a tub with a lid at room Temperature 

This is to make the starter or Levan i.e to make the bread rise and taste Good 

Day Two 

1. Take 150gs of the above  mix (discarded the rest) and Mix 250gs water and 250gs of bread flour to this 150gs 

Day Three 

1. Repeat Day two every 8-10 hours this may sound like a lot of waste of flour but its just to make the starter once you get it going its easy then.

Day Four 

1.        429 grams        bread flour 

2.          59 grams        whole  wheat flour 

3.        169 grams        of the starter (Day Three)

4.        322 ml              water

5.          12 grams        sea salt or table salt 

Make sure you measure out the ingredients to the gram 

Mix this and you are going to kneed it for 10 mins and but on a timer on your phone it works trust me 

At the start it will be stick do not add more flour just to make it easier it only puts the recipe off 

Place the bowl for one hour and cover with a cloth 

Book fold the bread like the video three times  ( on my Instagram @mcgeeaidan

Place flour in the bamboo basket or (a bowl with a clean floured tea cloth) follow the last step on the video covers again with the cloth and prove for three hours or over night in the fridge 

Place a tray or a Dutch oven in the fan oven and put it on 240 degrees or 480 f once it reaches the  temp take out the tray or dutch oven and flour the tray turn out your loaf cut with a razor if you want it releases some steam 

If you are using a tray add a cup of cold water to the base of the oven last minute  to create steam this helps with the crust and close the door fully quickly  Bake for 40 mins (Dutch oven 30mins and 10mins more with the lid off)

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