A Prosperous New Year ?

A Prosperous New Year ?

In the states they have just bought a new house, the neighbors! well most of them hate the old tenant and look forward to the new family to move in and can not wait, what does this mean for us a bit of stable waters, positively and sense of relief.

I get the feeling that in Europe, they have the spoiled brat (Boris) not taking no for an answer, a no deal Brexit that well would be a complete disaster, Many issues like the fisherman around the Irish Sea in the unknown, the transport industry having queued for days just to get to holyhead from mainland Europe! Imports sky rocking in price, really hope the wine drinkers in the uk have stocked up I am sure here is only so much English sparkling one can drink. time to set up that import business from Ireland to Northern Ireland 😉.

Is it time to form an Irish unity referendum (when’s the date for the signing of the irish Proclamation would that be a good date for such a thing)? Wonder how does the people of the likes of Antrim feel getting attended too in the carpark of a hospitals in the back of the ambulance? A unity approach to all this only highlights the need of collective approach, Boris can not hang on here, this mess will lead to a vote of no confidence before April and a spark that’s need for a new leader?

With a lot of money spent on Christmas decor, fancy wreaths and staff put back on the payroll, lock down from London,New York and San Fran! What now? Huge waste of food, beers in taps and a upbeat feeling that everyone needed, Governments are taking hospitality lightly and has discarding is core value of looking after its consumers , Christmas is for sure a time on reflection and with the clocking striking 12 on the 31st I know many industry folk have can hold a long grudge but the end is coming just hold on , getting your feet out of bed every morning Is a great Start, stay safe and what ever 2021 brings just bring it on……

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year


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