The Time Goes back or is it Going back in time

The Time Goes back or is it Going back in time

The week ahead is one of unclear direction in many ways, Europe slides into a lockdown again, windows get boarded up with wooden hoarding to protect them from the possible unrest on the streets of Boston we can help think of the concept of closing up again in this time of fear

Fear not we hit the long walk of beacon street through the park around a corner or two to the house that takes you back in time, I first visited this place a few years ago and its character and charm knows no bounds, sit at the bar watch the shuckers open the fruit of the sea, and a smell go chowder in the air is a warming thoughts as we walk in a chilled evening,

As we approach like many the rules of restriction is clear having a booking for 7.15 we are told its only a place in the Queue, another strange idea but its the new normal as a line would do around the corners on a autumn evening, we get a text 20 minutes later to say our table is ready,

We enter a booth anchored on the wall the history informs us of the woman of the revolution of 1774 Abagail Adams , A surname well know in these neck of the woods and a right on time “I will be with you in a minute” call drop a lady glides past with two cups of hot chowder and a bill for another table, full of New England charm,

A Cold beer on the mind with a Sam Adams in hand, corn bread arrives with a fridge cold portion of butter, wondering how I am going to spread it on! Anyway, the making of many restaurants in my option is perception, 6 oyster from the coast of east coast reminds me how good the Irish oyster is and if I close my eyes am I sitting in Bentleys oyster bar London,

Following with A cup of house chowder sings institution, as your waitress returns to clear explain the busy night in which gives a add sense of stress, these are testing times for such a well oiled machine also noticing that with the rota cut backs a single oyster sucker also collecting glasses and serving food gives you a real sense of survival, these are tough times are emotionally draining for such hard times, we settle our bill after my beef main course and mask up to head home, will look forward to sit at that bar have a bit of banter with the shuckers, taste the sea and wash it down with a cold beer until then we must keep supporting the neighbor restaurants as much as we can, many have a Perception of Resturant that they will be around for ever, pretty dangerous perception at the minute stay safe .


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