Dining out in Covid

Dining out in Covid

An observing   Irish Chef in Boston 

Been asked after 13 years in the depth of the hospitality industry in London, what’s Boston like for food?

As I have a little time on my hands Boston comes my new resting place for the moment, like London you can see the effect of this virus has had on Boston and still I can see great hope,

Born in the rugged hills of Donegal Ireland is there a better city in the world other than Boston to be Irish! There’re is no doubt the industry globally is taking a battering, but I can see Boston bouncing back as it’s got hospitality in it bones

On our first Saturday, we head to north-end to dine, A 7pm table we get escorted out the backdoor, passed the three chefs, to the what you would say a courtyard with great reserve as of course the front of house are one of front line soldiers in such times, are more strictly implementing rules and much more than London and more than welcomed from both my wife and I,

Service starts with a smile though the eyes and as menus are dropped one of the most interesting was been told “we do not do dessert”’ my wife later filled me in on the pastry shops on the streets adjacent to our table this idea includes everyone and a sense of one big family which I am sure has been happen a long time before, already hooked 

 We shared a crispy quail  which was very nice and after I had a lovely braised rabbit dish, full of flavors, service was full of hospitality and so was the area, the fight to service is well and truly begun and the people are coming in force, it this understandable love of what they do from the loyal consumers for generations will bounce Boston back for sure, when the planes of tourist fly back into the lanes of Logan, the industry will be ready like many cities globally, 

Of course, we will lose a few on the way, like many they look at the government for help for many it just not there but hospitality in my eyes in Boston is strong and Dynamic

Aidan Mc gee

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