The Great Repression 2020

The Great Repression 2020

As we enter the festive period as the hospitality Industry try to make the most of a 6 week period, and as we enter what may not be the unknown now as it pretty consistent now, to open and line the pockets for the future as much as you can and then sit back lock up and wait for the next lockdown, A January lockdown is predicted but state side its been interesting that since June not one lockdown in general so what have they done differently ? Not much but from my experience which differs from state to state they have been strict, Restaurants/bars are super safe and people have taken this in a displaced way, after a election and thanksgiving holiday numbers show crazy results, when the current White House general goes silent January can not really come quick enough for many,

The stock market shows improvement with the election result and vaccine positively, A welcoming hint of warmth in the cold months and days ahead, Goldman Sachs predictions looking like a finishing date this time next year means hopefully International flights open mid July and we do not lose another summer to a industry who needs much need tourists of Regents street, the cliffs of Moher or the cafes of Paris, on the last week of jan when the current client departs his humble abode the change will happen and this will ripple across the Atlantic but with asserting drive to get on what needs to be done , will Boris be eating his turkey next year at number 10? Not sure he will have the staying power,

I am sure many have next year planned and the more detailed will in the long run a road well traveled, surrounding yourself in great people and let them do what they need to do, with the days of zero hour contract now widespread and with add Pay-cuts on top of the a undermotived team will build recurrence of recruitment nightmares are what will haunt many before I think that’s what the future holds for many , this pandemic may show companies employees for there weak points, leaders for there lack of leadership but when the circle comes around we need to learn and adapt for a time when a vibrate industry such as hospitality never suffers in the way it has over the year, never before the industry needed real leadership and got a door slammed in it face repressed into a corner of darkness they never though it would ever be , you can never keep good people down for ever,

But one sure thing I know that the memory is long and the people will remember not only the lack of government help but the security of a job lets hope we do not see a mass exit to the back door to go to the shop and not come back and we walk into service and realize they never came back.

We need now to start rowing that boat as no one is come to save us and no one was …………

Aidan Mc gee

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